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     After receiving a great deal of feedback on several specific Reactive Attachment Disorder posts, I wanted to offer other parents of RAD children a special gift. (Yeah, presents!) I have been asked numerous times for some kind of letter template to pass out to school teachers regarding RAD and how it may impact the current school year. Well, your wish is my command, Friends!

     Not only have I created a letter for you, but I have made the letter so that it could be used for school staff, family members, babysitters, coaches, church staff, or ANYONE who has regular access to your child. Highlighted throughout the letter are portions that you will need to fill in to be more specific with what your child's behaviors may be. I included examples of text in the highlighted sections for you, as well.

     The letter is written in regards to a male child; however, after you download the file, please feel free to change it to meet your child's specifications. It's simply meant to be a help - a way to get the words on paper and into the hands of those who interact with our children. I hope you find it helpful and that you pass it on to others who may benefit!

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Photograph: Alarmy